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undisclosed desires

undisclosed desires
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allez on va danser au bar des suicidés

30 rock, batwoman/helpless gooey cookie, blair waldorf, books, broadway, daniel radcliffe, eliseplustaylorequalstoomuchanemia, elyssa+élise=instant-oatmeal-of-love, emily/naomi, emma watson, equal rights, evelynn/élise forevaarrrr, fashion, gaspard ulliel, glee, goob and boog, harry potter, harvey milk, homosexuality, house, how i met your mother, idina menzel, jodi picoult, kate winslet, keira knightley, lost, mia michaels, montréal, nightwish, pierre lapointe, québec, random/insanity is my otp, skins, stalker/pervert otp, sytycd, taytay = rocking chair, the help, the host, the hunger games, tina fey, true blood